Friday, 14 June 2013


                        Macedonia: Ohrid        Albania: Llogora national park | Durres | Tirana  | Cape rodonit

Well finally I get to tell you about Albania. What an experience!! the poverty, the culture, the place and the country as a whole. The country is very green and beautiful although the roads are very dodgy. I would also advise to book via a tour operator as it is very hard to find activities and entertainment.

The highlight of my trip was the mountain biking! It was an experience I would advise for everyone! I felt like a formula one car overtaking some of my peers down a mountain going as fast as I could, what a rush!!!

Albanian peoples perception of time is shocking. If they say we will be there in half an hour, add on 2 hours to what they claim I believe that Albania has a lot of potential to be a popular tourism destination. It has beautiful landscapes, a lot of sport activities that can be done and nice beaches.

A tv reporter was doing a report on dutch students, the video he made was interesting and gives you a little insight as to how my trip to Albania was like.

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