Saturday, 20 April 2013

Black & Yellow

Black and Yellow

What im wearing today on caprice: yellow and black checked shirt (Murcia, Primark), Canary pencil skirt (Denia, Stradivarious), leather shoes (Latvia, Tamaris)

I saw this today online and wanted to share this with you all! it inspired me as i have not skinny but toned thighs! hope it can do the same for you....

Marilyn Monroe....the worlds biggest icon! Her tummy isn't tightly toned, her thighs touch, her arms aren't skinny, she has stretch marks and her boobs aren't perky. She is known as one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL women in history. Be confident girls. You are HOT, you are SEXY, you are a Marilyn so do not let any man, media or moment of judgement ever take away your confidence!



I´m grateful for your comment! stay inspired!


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