Thursday, 4 July 2013

R.I.P Sidney

My photogenic puppy Sidney :)
Sidney and I having cuddles :P 
Kisses with my baby ;P 

 Posing for the camera :)

devising a plan to conquer the world together :P

Cheeky boy getting in the middle of my shoot ;) 
My love for you will never die 

It´s crazy how close you can get to animals!! they cheer you up when your down, they dont say anything to annoy you,They play with you, they keep you fit and best of all they are super cute!!!!!! Looking after your pet is very important as you will never know when they might go :(

 I have recently lost my baby boy and needless to say he was the best dog in the world! he had an amazing personality, he was good looking ;), he was very intellectual and to be frank he was THE BEST!  Sidney was a gorgeous puppy whom i loved to pieces and still do. below is a few of my favorite memories of him:

he was so cheeky, if he didn't like what i had told him to do.. he would go into my room and steal something just to make a point haha  :P 

The cheeky boy would also jump on the door expecting me to get up and open it, and as soon as i did he would run away in the hope i would come out and play haha :)

his cuteness was unbelievable, Sidney always wanted to sit with us on the sofas so he sneakily put one leg up at a time in the hope of no one catching him :) 

My baby was dainty and cute when he had just woken up and was only able to walk super slow 

Mr. Popular.....definitely a very loved dog, everyone in my town knew and loved my dog to pieces as he was so kind yet crazy :P 

his overexcitement, it was always so nice to be welcomed home to a happy dog who was so excited to see you even after one hour :)

Gorgeous, that contrasting red collar on his silk like fur made him super handsome

Well i wrote all of this to make sure i never forget how admirable he was, and to share his gorgeousness.

Rest In Peace Sidney, you have lived an active and beautiful life,  always making people smile I will miss you so much  

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