Sunday, 28 April 2013

Flower power- it

Flower Power

What I´m wearing: flower patterned miss matched dress (Ondara, Mango) flower head band (fresh flowers, hand made), black pumps (Elche, Primark)

This dress is cute but with a hint of sexy, the patter on the dress is also very unique. It can be worn on various occasions, including a night out with the girls or even a beach day!! this style of dress compliments my body, it´s flared at the botom making my legs look thinner, it´s pulled in at the waist  to make me look more curvy and shows the perfect amount of cleavage ... such brilliance in my opinion .....the sun was beaming down on me and made me feel alive! its crazy how good the sun can make you feel!! I have missed it oh so very much!

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