Friday, 26 April 2013



What I´m wearing:  Knitted poncho (Handmade by my mother), long pink tank top (Benidorm, H&M) skinny jeans ( Bon, Tally Weijl), Zamara leather half stud half spiked shoe boots (Misguided)

Weekend is finally here, and the queens week holiday for the dutch students! the new king is going to be crowned tomorrow, but they are still going to celebrate the last queens day on the upcoming tuesday, one of the biggest days for holland of the year!!! 

I adore my mothers talent, this poncho is one of my favorites! The shoes are admirable although in the wrong hands could be dangerous with all the spikes haha. I had a mini party this week, I advise for you to throw one.... so much  fun!!! visit Boroke-it it for more. Fill your weekend with joy and achievements!


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