Thursday, 14 November 2013

Evolving Angels

We are all evolving angels, going from teenagers to adults. At some point in our lives we realize how our purity is disappearing. We are our own person and we shouldn't let anyones judgement influence our decisions.

It's so crazy how often I change my mind. My caprices drive me insane sometimes :P. One minute I want to dye my hair red, the next blond and so on. My life is a battle between what i want and what I should do being a responsible adult.

Now I'm coming to that point in life like Miley Cyrus last year.

I mean that was a drastic change, but everyone changes. It takes a lot of courage to make the change you want. I am pussying out of many things i want to do. Such as a tattoo or even dying my hair red. I have to grow some balls!!!!!

I am young now, when I'm a mum i wont get the opportunity to do crazy things. the time is now in the next 8 years. I'm old enough to make my own decisions but young enough to not let those decisions affect me too much.

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