Thursday, 5 December 2013

As simple as B&W!!!

Life is as simple as a yarn of wool. This  past week has been absolutely crazy! i'll begin with last thursday, stayed up till 4 am then got up at 8am to revise for my driving theory. LUCKILY it was worth all of the effort and I passed.I was a major drama queen and started shacking and crying, i guess it was a combination of being tired and super happy.... after that you would think a siesta took place... nope off shopping for my birthday bash :P.

lets keep in mind that I have only been able to cook for a year and a bit now, so cooking for 20 people was a challenge :D. I am a slight perfectionist when it comes to myself.. so i might have gone overboard with things to make the party special.. for example:

1. dress up clothes for photos
2. Penis chocolates
3. 200 Jello shots
4. 12l  of white wine
5. Pink plastic cups/ plates and napkins 
6. 12 bottles of bubbles 
7. sweets bracelets 

The cooking went well as i had my roommates there to help me. I cooked (the obvious option) fussilli bolognese and paella so i could bring a bit of my culture to the party. 

That was just Thursday! Friday morning i had to get up early to do work for uni, then tidy the house ( which didn't go to plan).. before i knew it it was time to go to the hair dresses... got the crazy change!! surprisingly i was emotionless the whole day. I guess its due to how much stress i was under with driving, uni, work, planning the party and dieting to look hot for the party. I only ate 3 oranges and 2 bites of a sandwich, which is not healthy but I was desperate :P 

The party was finally here 

RED HAIIR  (inspired by Jesy Nelson)

The party turned out awesome, non of the games that were planned took place but everyone loved it. They even liked the food (I think its because it was in the fridge for a day and that always makes it taste better) :P loads of fun and crazzyy situations such as:

1. my friend picked me up, then dropped me on my head and broke glass
2. someone was in the bathroom for 45 minutes being sick :/ 
3. a lot of people fell over
4. the party got a gay couple together :)
5. and other inappropriate stuff :P

Finally it was my BIRTHDAY, I got loads of amazing things from my friends! had Mcdonalds for breakfast which was pretty awesome :) at night we went to my work, they all love me there which is why i wanted to go there plus it has a michelin star and is luscious. We got free champagne and i got an awesome dessert!!! 

I am 20, not a teenager anymore, no excuses for me anymore.... I remember my 18th birthday like it was yesterday, those 2 years have gone crazy fast... I'm going to have to make the most of  every day!!!!!!

All of that preparation was definitely worth it! make the effort to throw a party, it brings everyone together to have FUN :) #YOLO

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