Thursday, 12 September 2013


Trousers: a boutique in Valencia | Top: Lefties | Bikini: Bestlist | Glasses: Ralph Lauren

A Dogs is man´s best friend! This quote is definitely true. I wouldn't go a day without smiling thanks to dogs. Especially for the older generation I feel it is vital to have a pet of some sort. They give you reason to wake up each morning, are excited when you come home and never leave your side.

Lets have a fresh start to uni, Its the end of summer and its the beginning of a new season!!!!!

 The messy hairstyle goes with the beach look :) These glasses can also be seen in the post ecstatic saturday!! Today is party time again! It is HBO intro where there are up to 5 stages all around my city (breda) for free. Student life is hard sometimes ;) :P Loving holland <3 <3

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